Creating the ultimate Broncos' offensive lineup in the post-Peyton Manning era

Let's take it back to 2016 and see what kind of offensive lineup we can make

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Offensive line: Garett Bolles / Connor McGovern / Matt Paradis / Quinn Meinerz / Mike McGlinchey

This is going to be the offensive line that I'll go with. From left to right, it is a solid unit. While Denver has had some shaky offensive lines over the years since Peyton Manning retired, they've also had the worst QB play, which hurts the OL as a whole. Well, I was able to scrap together this offensive line, and at each player's respective peaks, this is a nice unit.

Bolles has been the full-time starter at LT since being drafted in 2017. Connor McGovern played guard and center for the Broncos and it was a mistake letting him go. I feel the same way about Matt Paradis, who was also a very good center for the Broncos.

At right guard is Quinn Meinerz, who is one of the best guards in the NFL and was ranked 12th among all guards by PFF heading into the 2023 NFL season. Meinerz does not play a super valuable position along the OL, but I hope Denver keeps him around for the long term. He is excellent at what he does.

I know Mike McGlinchey has never suited up for a game yet with the Denver Broncos, but I am wondering who else I'd put here.... could Cam Fleming take this role? Perhaps. However, McGlinchey has the best record of success at the position and is currently a Denver Bronco, so, he's going to be my RT for this lineup.

Here's what the lineup looks like when it's all together:

QB: Teddy Bridgewater
RB: Javonte Williams
WR: Demaryius Thomas
WR: Courtland Sutton
WR: Jerry Jeudy
TE: Noah Fant
LT: Garett Bolles
LG: Connor McGovern
C: Matt Paradis
RG: Quinn Meinerz
RT: Mike McGlinchey


Everything besides the quarterback, honestly. I think this team can win seven or eight games with solid coaching. What do you think?

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