Could this Taysom Hill-like prospect be a Denver Broncos draft pick in April?

Nov 20, 2021; Corvallis, Oregon, USA; Oregon State Beavers inside linebacker Jack Colletto (12)
Nov 20, 2021; Corvallis, Oregon, USA; Oregon State Beavers inside linebacker Jack Colletto (12) / Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have just five picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, which takes place in just a matter of weeks. Some of the positions on the team are set, such as safety, but some have glaring holes, such as tight end, wide receiver, etc.

There is a certain prospect in this year’s class that the Broncos have shown interest in recently. That player is Jack Colletto, formerly of Oregon State. Not only does Colletto see the field as a quarterback, but he has also played many other positions during his collegiate career.

New Broncos head coach Sean Payton is no stranger to this type of player. With the New Orleans Saints, Payton had the multi-dimensional Taysom Hill, who played some quarterback, tight end, and wide receiver. Maybe a guy like Colletto could bring the same sort of talent to the Denver Broncos, or maybe even more than Hill did for the Saints.

During his collegiate career, Colletto attempted 49 passes, completing 25 for 254 yards and threw three interceptions. As a pass catcher, he has four receptions for 47 yards and a touchdown. On the ground is where he has had the most impact on offense, rushing the football 110 times for 401 yards. He scored 22 touchdowns on the ground.

At the end of the day, would a guy like Colletto make it in the NFL? Obviously there is proof that it can work as mentioned with Hill. Payton could be the X-Factor when it comes to turning a guy like Colletto into something more than a one-year wonder. Colletto could become a solid contributor. Not just a quarterback; Not just a tight end; a football player.

Adding Colletto could be a fun thing to experience. If the Broncos wanted to, they could try and make a trade for Hill, but if they are unsuccessful or opt not to make that trade, it appears they found someone who they could end up liking in a later round. If they don’t go after Colletto in the draft, there is actually another player they could look at for the same type of role.

If it were up to me, I would hope that the Broncos would trade down a few times to accumulate more draft capital to make this sort of selection worth it. If they stick with their current number of draft picks—which I don’t think that they will—making that pick becomes a bit questionable. While a dimensional player, Colletto is only one person. He would obviously not be able to play everywhere at once.

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