Could this Denver Broncos key player be on the move soon?

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There could be some light indications that the Denver Broncos may be shopping a key player on their offense. Could this be the right move? On the surface, it may not make any sense at all to shop anyone on the offense who has positively contributed to the team.

If anything, the team needs to add on offense, not take away from it, right?

Well, there may be some substance to some rumors that the Denver Broncos could shop and potentially grade left tackle Garett Bolles this offseason. Take a look at this tweet from Mario Vetanze, who works with certain Broncos' players.

Vetanze indicates that Bolles is on the trade block and that the team could pull the trigger and make a deal if the price is right. Well, I have some indications that it could be Garett Bolles, so I responded to the tweet here:

And what do you know, none other than Benjamin Allbright, who has been a strong source for all things Broncos liked the tweet. To me, you could not slap me in the face to make it more convincing. It's clear that between these couple of tweets that Bolles, a former All-Pro, is indeed on the trade block.

This could make some sense as he's come down to Earth a bit from his sensational 2020 season. He's also on the wrong side of 30 and did break his leg this offseason. Perhaps Sean Payton and George Paton could be convinced to move Bolles for the right price?

A post-June 1st trade would save the team nearly $14 million against their cap, and Bolles' cap number in 2023 is nearly $18 million, which is a ton for a player coming off of a major injury. I do wonder if the team would prefer to restructure him, but if he does not agree to that, then the team could try and get a pick or two back for him.

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