Colin Cowherd continuing to miss the mark on Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

People are continuing to miss the mark with the Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
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Colin Cowherd is continuing to miss the mark on Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos and seems to be putting most of the blame on the quarterback for some reason. The issues with the Broncos are not hard to figure out, at all. The issues aren't Sean Payton or Russell Wilson. The issue lies with the defensive personnel and the coaching.

That's as deep as it gets. Let's not overthink this, once again. Some people still don't seem to get it for some reason. The Broncos offense is averaging a decent 23 points per game this year in their first three games in the Payton offense. That's fine. They've been efficient, and 23 points per game should be enough to win at least one of these first three games, right?

Well, last year to begin the season, the Broncos defense allowed more than 23 points just once in their first eight games before the bye week. I think a lot of us expected the defense to decline a bit in 2023, but to this extent is just wild. Anyway, the offense is fine as I just said, but the defense is the main issue, and it looks like Vance Joseph will eventually be fired for a second time by the Denver Broncos.

However, some people just don't seem to get it with the Broncos. Colin Cowherd had this to say after the Week 3 loss yesterday:

During this minute-long mini-speech, Cowherd decides to continue to scapegoat Russell Wilson for some reason, talking about how the Broncos should "get out of this Russell Wilson thing." I just don't get it. Cowherd could not be more wrong here. He barely mentions how bad the defense has been over the first three games. I mean, my goodness, you could argue that the Broncos had the single worst defensive performance in NFL history.

Thankfully, Dan Orlovsky, who is fantastic at what he does, did have this to say in the replies to this Tweet:


Thank you, Dan. Russell Wilson is on pace to throw for over 4,000 yards and 34 touchdown passes this year. He's putting up good numbers. This truly is not hard to grasp. Yes, it's possible that Denver could move off of Wilson in 2024 even if he plays well this year, but the veteran QB is far from the issue.

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