Chiefs players are still whining about the offsides penalty

Kadarius Toney is mad about being called for a penalty

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Amazingly, the Kansas City Chiefs are still complaining about being called for an offsides penalty late in the fourth quarter of their Week 14 loss against the Buffalo Bills. The Chiefs made known their frustrations about the penalty during and after the game, but their accusations toward the officiating crew were baseless.

Wide receiver Kadarius Toney was called for being offsides in what was clearly a penalty, no matter what way you look at it or slice it. Everyone on the Kansas City Chiefs was obviously livid considering the result of the play was pretty amazing. Tight end Travis Kelce caught a deep pass from Patrick Mahomes, and after getting the ball inside the red zone, he threw it across the field perfectly to Kadarius Toney -- a legal lateral -- which Toney then took into the end zone for a go-ahead touchdown.

But it was called back because Toney lined up offsides at the beginning of the play. And Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was livid:

Maybe the most egregious of all the reactions from the Chiefs was Patrick Mahomes's interaction with Josh Allen at midfield after the game. It's almost hard to believe this isn't somehow fabricated...

Eventually, though, both Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes would do their best to apologize for the overreactions in the heat of the moment. That didn't prevent them from getting fined by the NFL for their criticism of the officiating,

But just when you thought that the Chiefs were moving on with their season, now we have wide receiver Kadarius Toney doubling down on his frustration with the call made by the officials. And he's still not letting them off the hook. You're not going to believe this quote from a guy who committed a penalty:

"Whether it was, an inch, two inches, whatever in front of the ball, the referee got a job to let me know. He didn’t make no effort. You watch the video, he didn’t make no effort to say anything about no alignment. So apparently, he wanted to do that regardless. But like I said, we’re just going back to the details and just make sure we fine print everything."

Kadarius Toney

The Chiefs are 2-4 since starting the season 6-1. Their first loss of this recent 2-4 stretch was back in Week 8 in a road matchup against the Denver Broncos. It's pretty crazy to see the Chiefs struggling like this, considering we haven't really seen them go through a spell like this with Patrick Mahomes as their starting quarterback.

And for Denver Broncos fans, it's really rich to see the Kansas City Chiefs complaining about officiating. It feels like no team in the entire NFL has benefitted more from calls in their favor (or non-calls) than the Chiefs, including in their Super Bowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles.


For them to be coming after the officials the way they have over the last week has been hysterical for everyone in Broncos Country to watch. The Broncos are currently one game behind the Kansas City Chiefs for first place in the AFC West.

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