3 changes Broncos must make to clinch a playoff spot

The Broncos have a chance to win double-digit games this year, and they'll need to make some changes to do so.

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
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Change No. 3: Try and improve the third quarter offense

The Denver Broncos offense is atrocious in the third quarter, and they always seem to go three and out in their first possession of the second half. In fact, the Broncos have the fourth-worst third quarter offense in the NFL, averaging just 2.6 points in that quarter. It's unclear if the Broncos make any changes when they come out for the second half, but whatever they are doing isn't working.

Recently, Sean Payton said he might consider adding a script to the second half:

Obviously, the first few drives are all scripted plays, but I'm not really sure if it's normal procedure for teams to also have a script to begin the second half. Well, this might be something to implement, because the Broncos are scoring almost 0 points in the third quarter and are effectively only playing three quarters of offense in a game.

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What's interesting is that Denver has scored the second-most points in the fourth quarter this year. It's truly a tale of two quarters for the Denver Broncos. Whatever change they implement, it's clear that the team needs to do something differently when Q3 rolls around.