Broncos: Winners and losers from the 2023 NFL Draft

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Broncos: Winners and losers after the 2023 NFL Draft
Losers: KJ Hamler and Montrell Washington

I'd be shocked if either player was on the roster in 2023. I do think even if Denver does not take Marvin Mims Jr, they're still on thin ice, but the drafting of Mims does put a ton of pressure on Hamler, who can't stay healthy, and Washington, who was embarrassingly bad in year one, even for a fifth round rookie.

Mims has a similar skillset to both players. He's fast and can beat defenders with his speed. Denver has needed a true speed threat on their roster for a while, and the Hamler pick back in 2020 was supposed to cover that.

Hamler tore his pec training on his own earlier this offseason, which just sounds pathetic. I don't say that to dog on the player, but it's just a sad situation overall. I'm not sure Hamler lasts in the NFL given his injury history.

Montrell Washington got a ton of work in the return game in 2022 and was a hard watch. Mims does have return ability and his speed makes him someone that can boot Hamler and Washington off the roster.