Broncos updated draft picks, cap space after Jerry Jeudy trade

Jerry Jeudy is the latest Broncos player to be sent packing.

Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos continue to add salary cap space and now some desperately-needed NFL Draft capital with the shocking news of Jerry Jeudy being traded to the Cleveland Browns. Jeudy, the Broncos' first-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, was entering the final year of his contract counting just under $13 million against the salary cap.

Jeudy is heading to the Cleveland Browns where he will team up with Deshaun Watson, Amari Cooper, David Njoku, and Nick Chubb. The Browns were willing to give the Broncos some much-needed real estate in the NFL Draft and were clearly willing to oblige in taking on the final year of Jeudy's deal with Denver.

Broncos cap space after Jerry Jeudy trade

Prior to Jerry Jeudy being traded to the Cleveland Browns, the Broncos were hovering over $18 million in available salary cap space. The Jeudy trade to Cleveland pushes that number to roughly $31 million in total cap space, and it's expected that the Broncos may not be done making moves.

Obviously, Denver needed to make moves like this with the albatross that is Russell Wilson's contract affecting the team. But it makes sense to move on from Jeudy if he's not in the team's plans beyond this season. The Broncos picked up Jeudy's 5th-year contract option last offseason, and now, he'll likely go down as one of the more disappointing first-round picks in recent team history.

Although Jeudy's lack of overall success in Denver isn't entirely his fault.

Broncos 2024 NFL Draft picks after Jerry Jeudy Trade

Prior to the Jeudy trade, the Broncos had six selections in the 2024 NFL Draft. They're now equipped with eight picks and six of them coming on Day 3.

  • 1st round: 12th overall
  • 3rd round: 76th overall
  • 4th round: 120th overall
  • 5th round: 135th overall
  • 5th round: 144th overall
  • 5th round: 146th overall
  • 6th round: 202nd overall
  • 6th round: 206th overall

Having those three selections in the fifth round so close together now gives the Denver Broncos some intriguing flexibility. It wouldn't be surprising at all to see them package some picks to move up as needed, but the Broncos also need as many darts as they can get in this draft.


Don't be shocked to see the team go after someone like Mac Jones in a trade, either. The price of a 5th-round pick just might get it done, and might be worth the Broncos' while for that kind of value.

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