Broncos trade deadline recap: Did they take the right approach?

Denver moved a pass rusher ... that's the only trade they did ahead of the Deadline. Is it good or bad that the Broncos stayed quiet?

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Not buying ahead of the deadline also shows confidence from the coaching staff in their actual roster. Besides confidence, there is a key factor that played in, if the Denver Broncos really wanted to trade for a specific player. This is Draft Capital.

At the moment, the Broncos have the following picks in the 2024 NFL Draft:

  • Round 1
  • Round 3 (via Saints - Sean Payton trade)
  • Round 4 (via Dolphins - Bradley Chubb trade)
  • Round 5
  • Round 5 (via Jets - Jacob Martin trade)
  • Round 6 (via 49ers - Randy Gregory trade)


Not having much Draft Capital, despite having some positions of need, limited the Broncos on buying at the deadline. I personally thought that they were at least trading a mid or late-round pick for a tight end or for a cornerback, but in the end, it comes back to the confidence from the coaching staff and front office on what the players are capable of doing.

What are your overall thoughts on the 2023-24 Broncos trade deadline? Onto the Bills!

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