Broncos trade deadline recap: Did they take the right approach?

Denver moved a pass rusher ... that's the only trade they did ahead of the Deadline. Is it good or bad that the Broncos stayed quiet?
Denver Broncos
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Before beating the Chiefs, people around the league thought that the Broncos were going to try to have a fire sale to get NFL Draft capital. Then it was reported that they were expected to move on some players, but not as a fire sale. Almost no one expected it, but the Denver Broncos defeated the defending Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs in a fancy way, by a final score of 24-9. Following the win over KC, the season had a 180-degree flip, with a very good chance of turning things around in a positive way.

Not trading a single player on the roster, following the Randy Gregory trade and Frank Clark release, despite probably receiving offers, shows a very important thing regarding this team. For me, this thing is CONFIDENCE.

Deciding to not move anyone shows that the coaches and front office have confidence in this team. A winning culture is really happening in Denver and the Sean Payton trade is making more and more sense. The Broncos have a 3-5 record and have accessible games to turn the season around. Not trading anyone shows that Payton is pleased enough with the players he has on the roster.

Beating the Chiefs showed that this team can be very competitive, and can definitely beat any team in the NFL.