Broncos should bring ex-Pro Bowl WR, Russell Wilson teammate to camp

Vegas Vipers v Seattle Sea Dragons
Vegas Vipers v Seattle Sea Dragons / Ali Gradischer/GettyImages

NFL teams have the luxury in the offseason of hoarding 90 players on their roster. Although there is a salary cap and you can't just carry the 90 most expensive players you can find, there are always opportunities to take calculated risks on players and the Denver Broncos might want to consider a specific player who is still available. Former Pro Bowl receiver Josh Gordon, also a teammate of Russell Wilson's with the Seattle Seahawks back in 2019, is fresh off of playing for the Seattle Sea Dragons in the XFL. Should the team consider signing him to the 90-man roster?

Before you write off the idea due to the fact that the Broncos "already have enough receivers", consider the idea that this team has struggled mightily with depth and injuries at receiver the last three seasons. There's not really any such thing as "too many" receivers on a 90-man roster, and Josh Gordon is an intriguing fit in Denver for several reasons.

First off, one of the team's newest players -- quarterback Ben DiNucci -- can vouch for Gordon as a big-time playmaker. DiNucci was the one throwing passes to Josh Gordon in the XFL where Gordon averaged over 14 yards per reception and scored four touchdowns in 10 games. Gordon clearly can still play, and NFL teams are seemingly of that opinion as well. He spend parts of 2021 and 2022 with the Kansas City Chiefs, so if only for the offseason, Gordon can help provide some type of valuable intel to the Broncos' most bitter rivals.

Hey, anything helps.

As previously mentioned, Gordon was also briefly teammates with Russell Wilson back in 2019 (5 games). He averaged almost 20 yards per reception in those five games with Seattle, albeit on just seven receptions and 11 targets in total. Russell Wilson really tried to recruit Gordon heavily to the Seahawks at the time and he could just be an interesting player to add into the mix, even if he ends up being a practice squad option.

And who knows? Maybe Gordon would come in and do so well that he might make someone else a trade piece? Or maybe he would come in and push the younger guys to at least raise their game and say, "I've got to be better than Josh Gordon now".

Gordon's journey through pro football has been brutal. He was once a premier receiver in the league whose career was derailed by addiction. But he has persevered through it and stuck with it enough to still be playing pro ball today. Considering his ties to Russell Wilson and even Ben DiNucci, the idea of bringing Josh Gordon in to Denver would be interesting, at the very least. See what he can do in the Sean Payton offense.

Worst-case scenario? He gets cut after camp? He gets out-played by a young guy? Best-case scenario? Well, he might push your young guys. He might push his way onto the roster. He might end up being a trade piece or making someone else a trade piece. I think the Denver Broncos should give him a shot.

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