Broncos schedule: Predicting the score of all 3 remaining games

The Denver Broncos have 3 games left in 2023. Can they make one last push?

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Week 18: Denver Broncos @ Las Vegas Raiders

Sunday, January 7, Time TBD

The final week of the season will present a unique challenge for the Denver Broncos. Even if the Broncos are able to get to 9-7 after home games against the 3-11 Patriots and 5-9 Chargers, they will face an interesting battle here in Week 18.

The Las Vegas Raiders currently only have a 1 percent shot at making the postseason, but their 63-21 win over the Los Angeles Chargers might have sparked some confidence for that team going forward. The Raiders' next game will be against the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Indianapolis Colts after that.

Broncos fans will likely be rooting for the Raiders to at least beat the Colts, so this Las Vegas team can actually help Denver before they get in the way in Week 18. And if they somehow find a way to beat the Kansas City Chiefs? Well, the Raiders could actually have a lot to play for here.

At the very least, Antonio Pierce in the head coach's chair makes this team a little dangerous. That Week 18 matchup against Denver will be an opportunity for Pierce to go out on a high note, and will also serve as a chance for the Raiders to keep their long winning streak going against the Broncos. It could also be a chance for Vegas to knock Denver out of the playoffs.


The Denver Broncos' 2023 season could come down to this matchup, and we'll really get a chance to see what this team is made of. I'm going to maintain optimism here.

Prediction: Broncos win 23-20

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