Broncos schedule 2024: Every opponent ranked from easiest to hardest

How tough are the opponents the Broncos will face in 2024?
Denver Broncos
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4. Cleveland Browns (home)

All of the Jets, Buccaneers, and Browns are teams that look really good on paper overall, and they have defenses that should raise the floor all year long, but they all also have some question marks offensively. The Browns may have the biggest boom or bust situation with Deshaun Watson, who last played at a really high level back in 2019. It's hard to imagine the Browns being a legitimate contender with Watson, but that defense is unbelievable.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (road)

If Joe Burrow is healthy, a road game to Cincinnati is going to be extremely tough for the Denver Broncos. The Bengals have one of the more complete rosters in the league, and even though there is some tension between the organization and guys like Tee Higgins and Trey Hendrickson, the Bengals will field one of the better overall rosters in the NFL this coming season. And the Broncos face them on the road.

2. Baltimore Ravens (road)

Baltimore is historically one of the most brutal places to play in the NFL. It hasn't mattered what players the Ravens have, they are just one of the most dominant home teams in the entire NFL. Even if the Ravens were coming to Denver, this would be a really tough draw, but having to go to Baltimore is almost a guaranteed loss for any visiting team. The Broncos will have their hands full here with the reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson and his new backfield pal Derrick H

1. Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are the reigning back-to-back Super Bowl champions. It's painful to even talk about. The Broncos have to play the Chiefs twice, and if they hope to do any damage in January any time soon, they'll probably have to play them three times. This team is elite in every possible way.