Broncos Rumors: 3 potential replacements for GM George Paton in 2024

Should George Paton be fired, who should replace him?

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2. Jeff Ireland, Assistant General Manager and College Scouting Director, New Orleans Saints

I think it's a safe bet that whoever Sean Payton would potentially want to be the GM of the Denver Broncos would have previous ties with him. Jeff Ireland is another person who fits that mold. Since 2015, he's held his current role as the assistant GM and college scouting director.

And frankly, Ireland might be an awesome hire. You have to figure that he had a huge impact in the New Orleans Saints drafts during his tenure. Remember just how stellar the Saints 2017 draft class was? Ireland has been within NFL circles since 1994, serving in roles with the Cheifs, Cowboys, Dolphins, and Seahawks.

I think with Ryan Pace and Jeff Ireland, you really cannot go wrong. Both are just about the same person, if that makes sense. Sean Payton likely wants to create what he did in New Orleans. Payton, objectively speaking, had a ton of success in New Orleans, so I do not see why he wouldn't want to try to replicate the process in Denver.