Broncos rookie Bo Nix gets advice from legendary quarterback Tom Brady

Bo Nix has now heard from Peyton Manning, John Elway, and Tom Brady
Denver Broncos
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Since being drafted into the NFL, Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Bo Nix has basically been on a cycle of living out every football fan's dreams in terms of some of some of the conversations he's been able to have.

Nix has spoken to Denver Broncos legends Peyton Manning and John Elway since being drafted by the team, but he more recently had the opportunity to meet and learn a little bit from Tom Brady, the NFL GOAT.

Nix was one of only six rookies in the league to be invited to this particular luncheon, hosted by Brady, Jay-Z, and Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin. Although there's plenty to be learned from the business side from all of these guys, the experience Tom Brady had as an NFL quarterback and the lessons he learned along the way are extremely valuable to these young players just starting their NFL careers.

"I treated a preseason game, I treated a regular-season game like it was a Super Bowl. So when I got to the Super Bowl, it was just another day for me."

Tom Brady

Brady also spoke to the rookies about the importance of holding yourself to a higher standard than anyone else in your camp, and how playing quarterback in the NFL is about all 53 guys on the roster, not just yourself. He talked about the difference between being a star in the NFL versus being a champion.

On the one hand, Brady's journey through the NFL is one of the least relatable of all time. He's a rare exception of a late-round draft pick achieving superstardom. He's also won more championships than any quarterback in league history. On the other hand, what made Brady so great is entirely relatable to these young players. It might seem cliché in many ways, but Brady worked extremely hard every single day to the point of borderline monotony.

He set the example of what the "compound effect" looks like in action for an NFL player. He just continually made incremental improvements day after day, year after year.

In a recently released documentary series, Bo Nix actually talked a little bit about this type of work and what's required to excel at the NFL level. There's a section in that documentary where Nix is talking about the work required to be an NFL quarterback:

"Everything you do, you've got to think of it as if like, 'is this going to make me a better quarterback? Is what I eat for dinner going to make me a better quarterback tomorrow? Is what time I go to sleep going to make me a better quarterback tomorrow? Is what I read or study going to make me a better quarterback?' Everything I feel like going through life I could ask myself that. At this point it's kind of redundant, it's become a pattern. You say no to the same things and you say yes to the same things. It's just something you've gotta do if you want to play at a high level and if you don't, it's fine, you just won't necessarily reach those goals. I understand it's the daily disciplines that are going to make the biggest results. To me, it's just doing it over and over and not getting bored with the redundancy of life."

Bo Nix

Bo Nix has a massive advantage in his favor -- he understands what it takes to be great. People have been saying all offseason that there's a cap or limit on his upside at the next level because at 24, he's an older rookie, but I don't see it the same way at all. The way Nix can grow in the NFL is exactly what he just said. He already has the talent to be a good NFL player, but when you combine it with this crazy work ethic?

Special things can happen.