Broncos resurgence is amazing, but major trouble is ahead for the team

The Denver Broncos could be facing a huge problem.

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos resurgence is great to see and way overdue, but the organization does face some pretty tough roads in future seasons. I hate to rain on the parade, but the NFL will go beyond the 2023 season. It's nice that the Broncos are in a solid spot to clinch a berth in the playoffs this year, but the team will have to do this all again in future seasons.

The Broncos began the season 1-5 and have since gone 6-1. It's a truly historic turnaround, especially on defense. Teams that begin 1-5 simply do not make the playoffs, but I guess this year's script is favorable for the Broncos and their playoff hopes (this is sarcasm, I know there is no NFL script.)

Anyway, I think the Denver Broncos do have a major problem up their sleeves for future seasons, and this problem could hurt a potential Super Bowl window opening. Some, no, most of their key contributors and some of the best overall players on this roster are old, and might be all at the end of their respective primes.

Let's dive into this a bit more.

The Denver Broncos key contributors are getting old...

Offensive Personnel Ages:

Russell Wilson, 35
Chris Manhertz, 31
Michael Burton, 31
Garett Bolles, 31
Courtland Sutton, 28
Samaje Perine, 28

Defensive Personnel Ages:

Mike Purcell, 32
Alex Singleton, 30
Justin Simmons, 30
Fabian Moreau, 29
DJ Jones, 28
Josey Jewell, 28

Cutting it off at age 28, I listed all of the Denver Broncos who I feel are key contributors on both sides of the ball. And sure, you might not think much of this right now, but when the 2024 season begins, many of these players will be another year older, and shelf life in the NFL is younger than other professional sports by a longshot.

Furthermore, players like Michael Burton, Mike Purcell, Fabian Moreau, and Josey Jewell are all free agents at the end of the year. And obviously, other players who are younger also have expiring contracts that need taken care of. You could argue that the four players I mentioned could all adequately be replaced via free agency and in the NFL Draft, but there are many reasons to bring all of Burton, Purcell, and Moreau back in 2024.

Yeah, every team goes through this at some point, but the Broncos may have to deal with this very soon, and it does kind of stink that the team is trending upwards at this very moment. I do largely trust the brainpower of George Paton and Sean Payton to bring in younger guys to fill the voids left by the older players on the decline.

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Right now, though, the focus is on the 2023 NFL season.