Broncos preseason kicker lost his job with the Rams

The Will Lutz trade is making more and more sense, as the Broncos' preseason kicker was released by the Rams
Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Rams
Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Rams / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Earlier in the offseason, the Denver Broncos decided to release longtime kicker Brandon McManus, the last remaining member from the Super Bowl 50 roster. McManus had his worst statistical season probably since his rookie year in 2022. He had a 77.8 field goal percentage and a 92.6 extra point percentage. McManus signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars following his release by the Broncos.

Following the McManus trade, the Denver Broncos signed two kickers to battle for the job in the preseason. These two kickers were Elliott Fry and Brett Maher. Both Fry and Maher struggled in the preseason which led to Denver trading for Pro Bowl kicker Wil Lutz. Fry was released after the first preseason game, and Maher was released after the last preseason game.

After being released by the Broncos, Brett Maher got a job with the Los Angeles Rams ahead of the regular season. He instantly became their starting kicker. Earlier on Tuesday, after seven weeks of the season, the Rams moved on from Maher.

Elliott Fry does not have a job. Brett Maher had a 73.9 field goal percentage in seven weeks with the Los Angeles Rams. To be specific, he made 17 field goals in 23 attempts. Regarding extra points, Maher made 12 and missed one.

Brandon McManus has a 86.7 field goal percentage this season with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has made 13 field goals in 15 attempts. He has not missed an extra point.

Moving on from all three, McManus, Fry, and Maher, as of today, has been a very good move for the Denver Broncos.

Wil Lutz has had the least amount of field goal attempts (so far), compared to Maher and McManus, but he (Lutz), has a better field goal percentage, as he has only missed one attempt, to be specific, his first ever field goal attempt as a Denver Bronco in week 1 against the Raiders. Since then, Lutz has been perfect in both field goals and extra points.