Broncos post-minicamp 53-man roster predictions with depth chart

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Denver Broncos 53-man roster predictions: Minicamp Edition

Offensive Line: 8 (27/53)

- Garett Bolles (T)
- Ben Powers (G)
- Lloyd Cushenberry III (C)
- Quinn Meinerz (G)
- Mike McGlinchey (T)
- Cam Fleming (T/G)
- Luke Wattenberg (G/C)
- Alex Forsyth (C/G)

If you look over Sean Payton's history with the New Orleans Saints, he typically kept eight guys on the offensive line. There were some exceptions in there with the Saints keeping 9 or 10 guys at times, but for the most part, eight was the consistent number. The way the Broncos are currently constructed, eight feels just about right.

The starting five feel solidified. Garett Bolles is back from a season-ending injury last year and Payton has said he's been impressive this offseason. He's now going to be joined at the starting tackle position by Mike McGlinchey, a former first-round pick who will take over at the revolving door that has been the right tackle spot for Denver.

At the guard positions, Ben Powers and Quinn Meinerz form arguably one of the best guard duos in the league. Hopefully, the Broncos will be significantly improved on the interior offensive line because that's where so much of the pressure has come from in recent years.

Lloyd Cushenberry appears to be the starting center again this year barring a surprise training camp trade. That's certainly not impossible, but the team does appear to be putting faith in him with another coaching staff in place.

The backup linemen in this case include veteran Cam Fleming, who is one of the best and most reliable swing players in the league. He can play both tackle positions and he can play both guard positions as well.

Luke Wattenberg and Alex Forsyth are recent day three draft picks who need to progress quickly to prove they are worth keeping around and that the Broncos can feel comfortable being one snap away from one of them playing.