Broncos post-minicamp 53-man roster predictions with depth chart

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Denver Broncos 53-man roster predictions: Minicamp edition

Wide Receivers: 6 (15/53)

- Jerry Jeudy
- Courtland Sutton
- Tim Patrick
- Marvin Mims
- Marquez Callaway
- KJ Hamler

At this particular point in time, the wide receiver position is one of the hardest to project. I feel pretty solidified about the top four at this point in time, but the last two positions I think could be up for debate.

As of right now, I've got Marquez Callaway and KJ Hamler in those slots, and the reason for that is that those two guys are the next two beyond anyone else on the roster who have proven something at the NFL level. The Broncos have a number of intriguing young players like Brandon Johnson, Jalen Virgil, and Kendall Hinton. They have Montrell Washington and Lil'Jordan Humphrey. I could see any combination of those guys making the team.

All it takes is a big training camp from one of these guys -- or a handful of them -- to make it onto the roster. Remember, Sean Payton is a big believer that guys make the team based on meritocracy. He wants to keep the players playing the best, not necessarily caring about their draft status. As a case in point, there was an example years back when the Saints drafted a running back in the fourth round and signed Pierre Thomas as an undrafted free agent.

The fourth-round pick ended up getting cut and Thomas made a name for himself for a while there as a really solid NFL back. I don't think Payton would hesitate to cut someone like Callaway or Hamler if guys like Virgil, Washington, Humphrey, or Johnson had a great camp.

With that being said, I'm playing it safe for now. I think with Callaway and Hamler, you have guys who bring two different skill sets to the table, and two guys that could play extended action offensively at a high level if need be.