Broncos players want to participate in the 2028 Olympic Games

Football ... an Olympic sport? Broncos players want to be a part of it.


It was recently announced that flag football is one of the five new Olympic sports for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games. The other new sports are baseball/softball, lacrosse, cricket, and squash.

Alongside flag football, squash will make its debut in the Olympic Games. The other sports, to be specific baseball/softball, lacrosse, and cricket were already a part of some editions of the games but were removed.

There is something very important to mention. The International Olympic Committee allows only 28 sports to be a part of the Olympic Cycle (qualification for the games). There are three sports that have been involved in discussions to be removed from the cycle. These are modern pentathlon, weightlifting, and boxing. It has been decided that the first two, modern pentathlon and weightlifting will not be removed. If boxing is removed, then flag football has a 20 percent chance of being one of the five to be a part of the games. It is important to clarify that all five sports mentioned in the beginning will be a part of the Olympic Games, but just as an exhibition.

Exhibition sports do not have Olympic medals but are used as a demonstration/promotion of the specific sport.

Flag football has grown not only in the United States but worldwide. The NFL has implemented it in the Pro Bowl Events. 2023 was the first year with a flag football mini-tournament.

Flag football fields are smaller than a regular football field, and it has a few different rules, especially to rush the quarterback. It is also a less physical sport since players do not have to tackle.

Two Denver Broncos players spoke regarding the addition of flag football to the Olympic Games. These are running back Javonte Williams and edge rusher Nik Bonitto, and the interesting thing is that none would like to play in their regular positions.

We still do not know if it will be an exhibition sport, or an Olympic sport, but it will definitely be fun to watch NFL in action during the 2028 Olympic Games.

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