Broncos NFL Free Agency Do-Over: Who they should have signed in 2024

Among the main free agency moves the Denver Broncos made, who should they have signed instead?
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2. Denver Broncos could have signed DT Jordan Elliott instead of DT Malcolm Roach

Both players got a two-year, $7 million deal, and Jordan Elliott is the better defensive tackle. According to ESPN, Elliott ranked sixth among all defensive tackles in 2023 in run-stop win rate, which was a huge weakness of the Denver Broncos in 2023. The team simply could not stop the run.

Elliott isn't much older than Roach, and he's also a player who has stayed way more healthy over their respective career. And on a more broad note, it's odd that the Denver Broncos did not do more to add to their defensive line, unless they plan on addressing this huge need during the 2024 NFL Draft.

3. Denver Broncos could have signed OT Mekhi Becton instead of OT Matt Peart

Now yes, Matt Peart signed for pennies and Mekhi Becton is still a free agent, but it seems as if Peart is going to be the new backup swing tackle in Denver. However, while the Broncos can still sign Becton, as he's on the market, I don't believe the team has intentions to. To me, this would be a mistake, as Becton is a former first-round pick and stil has starting-caliber potential.

Injuries have derailed the early career of Becton, but there are so many instances of players shedding that "injury prone" label and bouncing back. For Becton, getting the chance to play for the Denver Broncos and OL coach Zach Strief would have been a perfect scenario for him, and Denver missed a chance here, unless, of course, they still sign him.

4. Denver Broncos could have signed WR KJ Osborn instead of WR Josh Reynolds

While KJ Osborn and Josh Reynolds are different players, Osborn has actually been a bit more consistent as a pass catcher and is a bit younger than Reynolds, who signed for two-years and $9 million with the Denver Broncos. Osborn got one-year, $4 million from the New England Patriots. Reynolds is better with contested catches and is a better blocker, but I think Osborn is a better overall pass catcher and is younger.

So to me, this would have made more sense for the Denver Broncos in trying to replace Jerry Jeudy's roster spot.