Broncos need to make the right decision and trade Patrick Surtain II

If the Broncos do not plan on fielding a playoff-caliber team in 2024 and embracing a rebuild, they should do the right thing and trade Patrick Surtain II.

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Sean Payton and the Denver Broncos might be eyeing the 2025 NFL Season as the beginning of their return to winning football and hoarding an elite cornerback on their roster isn't the right way to operate. Here is the thing, before you all come after me;

In the NFL, games are won in the trenches, and the Denver Broncos cannot take advantage of the benefits of an elite, shutdown cornerback when their defensive line can't get a proper push up front. The Broncos DL is among the worst in the NFL as we get more into free agency, and having a poor defensive line puts a ton of strain on the secondary.

And after so long, the secondary breaks down and begins to fail. In my opinion, this is not rocket science, and it's no coincidence that the best teams in the NFL year after year are strong along the defensive line. For the Broncos, with their financial situation surrounding Russell Wilson's contract, it'd be silly for them to pay Patrick Surtain II a ton of money on a contract extension.

Yes, he's talented, but to no fault of his own, is not in a good situation for his skillset to have an impact on the defense. To give the Broncos some financial flexibility as well as properly rebuilding, trading PS2 makes the most sense here. Ask yourself this; what fits the Denver Broncos rebuild better:

Signing Patrick Surtain II to a mega-contract extension that likely pays him over $100 million, or trading him for draft picks, potentially allowing the Broncos to acquire first and second-round picks.

To me, the decision is abundantly clear. Sure, he's the team's best player, but he's also someone who could benefit the Broncos in other ways off the field. Before the 2024 NFL Draft rolls around, the Broncos should make the stud CB available in a trade.

I am sure he'd have quite a few suitors, and teams ready to make a push for the Super Bowl should inquire. The Philadelphia Eagles would make the most sense, as two of their current defensive coaches, Vic Fangio and Christian Parker, are on the staff. With as aggressive as Eagles' GM Howie Roseman is, a trade to Philly would fit how he operates.

And with the Eagles shopping talented defensive end Josh Sweat, a trade with those two players at the center of it makes quite a bit of sense.