Broncos looking to join this part of NFL history if they qualify for the postseason

Starting 1-5 in the NFL is far from ideal. Starting 1-5 and making the playoffs is close to unheard of. In fact, you're about to read about just how rare that feat is.

Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos
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Cincinnati Bengals
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1970: Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals opened the 1970 season with a win over the Oakland Raiders but then proceeded to lose five games in a row. But they dominated the Buffalo Bills in Week 8 and that got them back on the right track as they closed the regular season by winning seven games in a row.

That gave them the AFC Central division championship and a trip to the postseason. In those days, teams played just 14 regular-season games and only four teams made the playoffs.

The Bengals were shut out by the Baltimore Colts in the divisional round of the playoffs, 17-0, but they had accomplished quite the feat after such a horrid start.

They were the first team to do this and it would be 45 years before another team matched it.