Broncos looking to join this part of NFL history if they qualify for the postseason

Starting 1-5 in the NFL is far from ideal. Starting 1-5 and making the playoffs is close to unheard of. In fact, you're about to read about just how rare that feat is.

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Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs
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2015: Kansas City Chiefs

This was a surprise as the Chiefs had been a competitive team in 2013 and 2014. No one could believe they started the 2015 season 1-5, but they created a big hole to dig out of. But they did so in impressive fashion.

Starting with a 23-13 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 7, the Chiefs won their final 10 regular-season games and went into the playoffs as a team no one wanted to face.

That was proven in the Wild Card round as they pounded the Texans, 30-0. The following week in the divisional round, they went down to Gillette Stadium and gave the New England Patriots all they wanted, eventually losing 27-20. But good things were coming to Kansas City and the team has never looked back since.