Broncos, Jaguars, Titans among best 2023 schedule release videos

Capital One Orange Bowl - Clemson v Tennessee
Capital One Orange Bowl - Clemson v Tennessee / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Jacksonville Jaguars win the award for best overall schedule release video

Yes, the Tennessee Titans' video was probably the funniest, but the Jacksonville Jaguars' schedule release video was definitely the best. They took jabs at the masses of people who continually accuse the NFL of being "scripted" and put together an absolute work of art.

This is one of those things that's funny because it's true. The Jaguars are making fun of the ridiculous notion that the NFL could possibly be scripted, citing multiple of the most hilarious examples just from last year.

The premise is that this is a behind-the-scenes look at "Season 28" of the Jacksonville Jaguars, a reference to this being the 28th year of the team's existence. The references to the "Season 27" script include the Jaguars giving a fictional look at the "writing process" of some of their top episodes last year, including purposely leaving 10 seconds on the clock in a comeback win against the Ravens so Justin Tucker could miss a field goal.

They also had a fake phone conversation with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in which they ask him if Dak Prescott can purposely throw the ball off of Noah Brown's head so they can win the game on a pick-six. When Jones responds on the other end, the writer says, "We'll just add it in with CGI".

The Jaguars poke fun at the idea that these players on the team train their whole lives to be athletes only to come to the NFL and become actors. The same with the coaches. Doug Pederson makes an appearance in the video and talks about how for the Jaguars he "plays" Doug Pederson, but his real name is "Pug Dederson". When he said that, I absolutely lost it.

It's just an absolute master-class in understanding what to make fun of, finding the right cameos from players past and present (Big John Henderson makes a glorious appearance, as well as Tony Boselli). It's just great work by the Jaguars and they've officially reset the bar for creativity, writing, and planning.