Broncos GM George Paton makes huge statement about 2024 free agency plans

The Denver Broncos GM had some interesting things to say recently.
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Denver Broncos General Manager George Paton had some interesting things to say about the present and future as it pertains to his team. Head coach Sean Payton has the final roster authority for the Broncos. This is a trend that other NFL teams deploy; both head coach and GM work collaboratively in building the roster, but the HC has the final say.

This is nothing new. And it does seem like Paton is sticking around in Denver. We'll see if year four with the Broncos can finally be the year that the team fields winning football in the Paton era. Well, on Tuesday, Paton, Payton, and Greg Penner all spoke to the media and had countless questions thrown their way.

George Paton had a lot to say, and made a pretty firm statement on the Denver Broncos plans in free agency this year:

And there you have it. Last year, the Broncos made three first-wave FA signings with Ben Powers, Mike McGlinchey, and Zach Allen. I think Powers and Allen are valuable additions, but McGlinchey did not live up to his contract this year. Anyway, the Broncos are projected to be over the salary cap in 2024, so they will have to do some gymnastics to get under it. Fortunately, the Broncos are one of the more cap-flexible teams in the NFL, so they can create a good bit.

However, Paton pretty much revealed the Broncos plans in free agency. And I am not surprised. Now, keep in mind that Sean Payton is the final say with the roster, and the two may end up making a first-wave signing. Frankly, the Broncos have first-wave needs at EDGE and along the defensive line, so it would not shock me if the Broncos signed Danielle Hunter, who George Paton had a hand in drafting years ago in Minnesota.


And just because Denver may not be in the first wave, that does not mean they aren't going to come away with a very strong free agency haul. Typically, teams that spend a ton in free agency don't have that type of success the following season. And for the long-term status of the Broncos' cap, having a leaner year in free agency is something that they surely need to embrace.

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