Broncos get Romeo Doubs, Trey Lance, and picks on ESPN's trade deadline predictions

What will the Broncos do at the trade deadline? ESPN predicted four trades for the Broncos ahead of the October 31st deadline.

Romeo Doubs
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2. Broncos trade Jerry Jeudy to Green Bay, and get Romeo Doubs:

Jeudy to Green Bay

Regarding Jerry Jeudy, Barnwell mentions the following ...

""Jeudy has shown tantalizing glimpses of potential since being drafted with the No. 15 overall selection in 2020, but injuries and middling quarterback play have cost him significant developmental time. Coach Sean Payton would probably prefer to deal Courtland Sutton if trading away a wide receiver, but Jeudy is going to offer a more significant return, given his age and contract situation. Because of how desperately the Broncos need draft capital, maximizing the return on Jeudy and landing a second-round pick for a player toward the end of his rookie deal makes sense, even if the Broncos have to give up a fourth-round pick in return.""

Bill Barnwell

Now, regarding Doubs, he mentions the following ...

""The Broncos also would land a viable wideout in Doubs, who lacks Jeudy's upside but would add more size to the Denver receiving corps. Payton might like his chances of molding Doubs into a more impactful starter over the next couple of seasons.""

Bill Barnwell

My opinion: The Broncos are very likely to trade their former first-round draft pick wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. And trading him to an NFC team would make more sense. The Broncos picked up Jeudy's fifth-year option, but it does not look like he will get a contract extension. Denver does not have a second-round draft pick in the 2024 draft, and getting that plus a receiver such as Romeo Doubs would be great for Denver. It would obviously be better for Denver to get a defensive player as part of a Jerry Jeudy trade since the defense has been struggling, but getting Doubs and a second would be a good offer. I would definitely do that. In my opinion, it would be better for Denver to trade Courtland Sutton, but Jeudy is a better trade asset, so it is understandable.