Broncos finish bye week way down in NFL power rankings

The NFL has released the new power ranking heading into Week 10. And the Denver Broncos are placed way behind what fans could expect.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

Heading into Week 10, the Denver Broncos face the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium on Monday Night Football. But we also have the latest NFL power rankings after week 9, where all along the list, we have both good and bad surprises. The Broncos entered their bye week after beating the Kansas City Chiefs by 24-9. With a record of 3-5, this Denver team needs to find its way out of the lowest positions on this ranking.

The Broncos defense has improved since the start of the season, but they still have to find their way into not letting other teams score so many touchdowns on them. During the first eight weeks of this season, the Broncos' defense allowed eight rushing touchdowns, leaving them a little below the middle of the pack, but ahead of teams like the Dolphins or the Houston Texans. However, the defense of Vance Joseph has a flaw. 

This particular aspect led to almost every defeat of the Orange Crush, and it was defending the receivers of opposing teams. This issue is in the stats, where the team's defense allowed 16 passing touchdowns, and reveals that the Broncos are way behind other teams this season. 

But, enough of this season summary, let's begin with this week's NFL Power Rankings.

As the number one, we have the Philadelphia Eagles with a record of 8-1. Following them, we have the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs. Surprisingly and coming strong this second half of the season, we have the Jacksonville Jaguars. Behind them, we have the Detroit Lions placed fifth and the Miami Dolphins as sixth.  

With a surprising downgrade, the San Fransisco 49ers are placed seventh in this ranking, just ahead of the Dallas Cowboys. And finishing this Top 10, we have the Cincinnati Bengals and, as number 10, we have the Cleveland Browns. 

All good with the top 10, but where are the Denver Broncos placed?

The Broncos are way behind the Top 10, ranked as one of the worst teams this first half of the season. The two wins before the bye week didn't help that much.  


The team, coached by Sean Payton, is placed 24th in these NFL power rankings. They are ranked ahead of teams like the Las Vegas Raiders, Washington Commanders, Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Bears, the New England Patriots, New York Giants, Carolina Panthers, and the Arizona Cardinals. 

The next opponent of the Broncos, the Buffalo Bills, is 11th in this rank, dropping two places after their loss against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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