Broncos fans should want this Day 2 QB target after 2024 NFL Combine

Should Spencer Rattler be one of the Broncos' top Day 2 targets after the Combine?

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Sometimes the NFL Scouting Combine is about much more than athletic testing. Although NFL teams undoubtedly have baseline numbers they look for when it comes to athletic testing, some guys are able to make a big impression in the interview process and during on-field drills. South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler ended up being one of the most talked about players at the 2024 Combine, not because he dominated the athletic testing portion, but because he seemingly blew teams away during meetings.

And it sounds like he impressed the Denver Broncos as well.

Let's quickly touch on Rattler's athletic testing, which does need to be mentioned.

Nobody's going to be calling him Spencer RASler anytime soon, but Rattler was impressive in the on-field drills actually throwing the football, and everyone has seen him make plays with his legs dating back to his time at both South Carolina and Oklahoma. Although his athletic traits aren't winning any awards, there are plenty of reasons to like Rattler as an option for the Denver Broncos.

As of right now, it's hard to know exactly where he's going to land. The quarterback market is always interesting when it comes to the NFL Draft, and we've seen teams reach on guys some years and then let them free fall like we did in 2022. As of right now, you might see Rattler projected anywhere from the 2nd-4th rounds, but after the Combine, you might have scouts banging the table for him.

The Denver Broncos really need to find a way to come away from this NFL Draft with a quarterback. Here's a hot take for you -- maybe they should find a way to come away with two...

The Broncos could go after a quarterback in free agency or trade like Kirk Cousins, Baker Mayfield, or Mac Jones. If they do that, they wouldn't necessarily be out of the first-round QB market in each situation. With any of those three quarterbacks, I think they could supplement by drafting someone like Rattler.

Something I think a coach like Sean Payton is really going to like from Spencer Rattler is how much he had to handle as the quarterback at South Carolina as opposed to the offense under Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma.

There are complexities to every offense, of course, but Rattler was asked to do way more at South Carolina that would translate to the NFL level.

Obviously, Denver Broncos fans are starved to find a franchise quarterback. At this point, you could ask 10 different Broncos fans and possibly get 10 different answers as to what they think the team should do. Spencer Rattler as "Plan A" wouldn't likely get everyone lined up to buy jerseys, but then again, who knows?


At this stage of the process, Rattler has proven himself to be one of the most impressive candidates, along with the likes of Bo Nix and JJ McCarthy. He's proven himself worthy of being a player Broncos fans should be rooting for on Day 2 of the Draft.

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