Broncos fans' rooting guide for Week 13 with playoff chances

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos
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Cardinals @ Steelers, Sunday 1 PM ET

A Cardinals road victory in Week 13, much like a Titans victory, would help the Broncos' case a ton. The Steelers are roughly a week removed from firing offensive coordinator Matt Canada, reports of a fight breaking out in the locker room, and still pulling out a win in Week 12. The Steelers' offense did not do much better in terms of scoring points, with just 16, but put up a total of 421 yards, outgaining their opponent for the first time in 2023.

The Steelers will face a team with a much better quarterback than Jake Browning next week as they welcome in Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals.

Murray and the Cardinals have played a bit better since Murray returned, but the overall product has still struggled. Murray is 1-2 on the year, averaging less than 20 points a game. On the year, Murray has two touchdowns, two interceptions, and is averaging roughly 240 yards per game. While Murray has been far from the issue in Arizona since his return, his play has still been underwhelming. Murray, before his knee injury, was one of the more explosive quarterbacks in football and was always a threat to score.

The Cardinals, however, have their second-leading rusher still as Josh Dobbs, and still struggle to move the ball. Murray is still a candidate to break out at any time and could do so in Pittsburgh this week.

Verdict: Murray Time