Broncos fans' rooting guide for Week 13 with playoff chances

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos
Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages
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The Denver Broncos enter week 13 with a 27 percent chance to make the NFL Playoffs after winning five in a row. The Broncos have had some good news break their way, and the impending surgery for Jonathan Taylor also helps the team's playoff chances as the Colts will be without their all-world running back. The most obvious need for the Broncos in week 13 is a victory in Houston on Sunday.

Beyond their own business, the Broncos will need some help from around the AFC on Sunday. Here is a viewing guide for Broncos fans on who to root for this week. A Broncos victory in Week 13 immediately jumps their playoff chances to roughly 50 percent, according to the New York Times. Let's take a look at how other games across the NFL could help propel the Broncos to a playoff spot.

Important games: Colts @ Titans, Cardinals @ Steelers, Browns @ Rams

Colts @ Titans, Sunday 1 PM ET

With a Titans win on Sunday, the New York Times projects that the Broncos' playoff chances would jump to 58 percent. The Colts head into Nashville on the heels of a win at home over Baker Mayfield and the Buccaneers, but might already be starting from behind in week 13. Colts star running back Jonathan Taylor will be undergoing surgery this week and is expected to miss multiple weeks, team owner Jim Irsay told the media following their week 12 victory. The loss of Taylor puts Zach Moss right back into the role he had at the beginning of the year, where he succeeded, but the void will be felt.

Taylor had been rounding into form over the last few weeks, highlighted by his 91-yard rushing performance last week that was capped off with a pair of endzone visits. Losing Taylor will hurt the Colts, especially in a game that could be dominated by the rushing attack. The Colts will face Derrick Henry this week, a week after Henry ran for 76 yards and a pair of touchdowns at home. Will Levis has played well for the Titans, and overall, the offense has looked better in Tennessee of late. The Colts and Titans always play each other tough, and this week should be no different.

Verdict: Go Titans