A Broncos fan's NFL week 14 viewing guide

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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What if all goes right?

Lets dream up our perfect scenario with the following teams winning: Broncos, Jets, Jaguars, Chiefs, and Bengals. In this dream scenario, the Broncos move to a 60 percent chance of making the playoffs, according to the New York Times. In this dream scenario, all hell has broken loose. In this scenario, the AFC wild card seeding goes as follows: 5. Steelers (7-6), 6. Browns (7-6), 7. Colts (7-6), 8. Texans (7-6), 9. Broncos (7-6), 10. Bengals (7-6).

Yes, there is a very real chance that 6 of the 10 AFC teams are tied at 7-6 for three playoff spots. Now, you might be asking, how do the Browns get over the Broncos if the Broncos beat the Browns? Well, that is where it gets confusing. NFL.com states that in 3-team-or-more ties in the Wild Card, the tie break starts with divisional standings, head-to-head sweeps over all the tied teams, and then in conference winning percentage.

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This would leave the Broncos in the 9th spot, where they started the week. However, entering week 15 in a six-way tie for three spots is not the worst scenario for the Broncos, especially considering that would equate to every team ahead of them losing in week 14.