A Broncos fan's NFL week 14 viewing guide

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Buffalo @ Kansas City, Sunday 4:25 PM ET

The usual much anticipated rematch between Mahomes and Allen has a much different feel this year. The Chiefs receiving core has had some Bad Blood this year, and the Bills have more than their share of Champaign Problems. Even weirder, Broncos fans should be wearing some Red this weekend. To find when the last time these two teams played this late in the regular season, you'd have to go Back to December... of 2009. What seemed a massive matchup on paper that could directly impact the results of the Super Bowl, a game that felt Bejeweled in August, now almost has an Anti-Hero feel to it after what these two teams have done this year.

However, these are still two teams that know each other All Too Well. Their classic AFC Divisional Round game in 2021 smashed expectations from our Wildest Dreams. Two Fearless quarterback and head coach duos, one that has reached the mountain top, and one that continues to trip on their way there. Despite all of this, 2023 has been a struggle in Buffalo. Injuries, recessing play, off the field news stories about press conferences from four years ago, and many more have captured more attention in Buffalo than needed. The Bills need to Shake it Off, and this might be their last chance to stop the Chiefs from becoming the Last Great American (Conference) Dynasty. Oh, and Taylor Swift might be there.

Verdict: Go... Chiefs?