Broncos Country must have patience with QB Bo Nix, as growing pains are coming

Broncos Country needs to be patient.
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The Denver Broncos might just have their long-term QB of the future with Bo Nix, who recently signed his rookie QB contract, but let's give the young slinger some patience. Broncos Country has been so scarred by the turnstile situation at QB for years that at the slighest sign of a QB struggling, many of us overreact.

And it's understandable. The fanbase has desired stable QB play for so long that many of us have talked ourselves into the likes of Case Keenum, Joe Flacco, Teddy Bridgewater, and Russell Wilson. There were some flashes of really good QB play from each of them, and frankly from each of the other QBs who have been with the Broncos since Peyton Manning retired.

But Bo Nix brings a different situation to the team. He's not a second-round draft pick that didn't come with the first-round hype, and he's obviously not a veteran retread. Instead, Nix brings the hope of a new future to the Denver Broncos, and if nothing else, we in the fanbase need to be patient. Now yes, if Bo Nix ends up stinking it up for the Broncos, that's a different story, but what if he doesn't?

What if Nix turns out to be the next Drew Brees or Tony Romo? The way I see it, while Nix might not develop, he brings a different and much-needed change for the QB position. He provides actual, substantive hope that the team can have a long-term QB. So when Bo Nix inevitably struggles in the orange and blue, we in the fanbase need to be patient. There will be some bad games; maybe some truly awful games, but there also may be some excellent games that give us hope for the future.

Even the best QBs in the NFL struggle a few weeks out of the year, so that will never leave Nix, but there will be some rookie growing pains, and I truly hope that the fanbase does not overreact to these. Who knows, maybe Nix is a quick learner, but maybe he'll develop as a successful rookie QB normally does.

It's nice that the Denver Broncos have brought in a clear plan for the long-term, but hopefully the fanbase doesn't scare him away...