Broncos 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft trading down after slow free agency

The Denver Broncos have been slow-playing NFL Free Agency. How will they attack the 2024 NFL Draft?

Denver Broncos
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6. 145th overall: Michael Pratt, QB, Tulane

Here's a scenario I really like for the Denver Broncos: Draft two quarterbacks.

Why not?

The strategy paid off for Washington back in 2012, and while I don't know that NFL teams need to make it common practice, I don't understand the thinking behind not throwing multiple darts at the quarterback position. The Broncos undoubtedly believe in Davis Webb's ability to coach this position, and they have the brain trust and infrastructure to have multiple young quarterbacks developing in house.

This promotes competition and gives you a couple of guys you might like on favorable contracts. Michael Pratt threw for almost 10,000 yards at Tulane and added 28 rushing touchdowns. In this particular simulation, he fell pretty far but I wouldn't be upset if the Broncos did this in round four.

7. 147th overall: Jarrian Jones, DB, Florida State

The Broncos won't be letting this draft class go by without adding some players in the defensive backfield. Jarrian Jones tested exceptionally well at the NFL Combine and has upside to be a great slot player at the next level.

Even with Ja'Quan McMillian's emergence for the team this past season, you can never have too many good defensive backs on your roster.