Broncos 5 stock up, 3 stock down following season sweep over Chargers

Who's stock is moving up or down this week after a Week 17 divisional victory?

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Denver Broncos Stock Down:

G Ben Powers

Being responsible for a few penalties and pressures on the quarterback, Broncos left guard Ben Powers found himself being a liability at times. Powers had one series where he committed a holding penalty that negated a Jarrett Stidham rushing first down and the very next play allowed a sack that forced Denver to punt the ball. Powers also had a false start later in the game at the goal line that was called on teammate Garett Bolles but was a simultaneous mistake by both of them. The only killed offensive drives for Denver on Sunday were really at the fault of Ben Powers who gravely struggled to contain Chargers pass rusher Khalil Mack.

T Garett Bolles

Like Powers, left tackle Garett Bolles struggled with penalties as he committed a holding call and false start that set the Broncos offense back. Bolles' holding call negated a Jerry Jeudy first down and his false start at the goal line forced the Broncos to eventually kick a field rather than be in favorable position to score a touchdown.


S P.J. Locke

Broncos starting safety P.J. Locke, who has permanently replaced former safety Kareem Jackson for the remainder of the season, has not played great as of late as opposed to earlier in the year. The third-year defensive back missed a couple of tackles and seemed to be lost in coverage at times allowing first downs to Chargers receivers. The Broncos starting safety competition between Locke and Sterns should be an exciting one in the offseason assuming the front office doesn't sign/draft an immediate starter.

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