Broncos 5 best drafted QBs in franchise history post-John Elway

From Brock Osweiler to Jay Cutler, who are the top five quarterbacks drafted by the Denver Broncos since John Elway's final season with the team?
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3. Trevor Siemian, 7th round, 2015 NFL Draft

Trevor Siemian has become one of the more beloved players in recent Denver Broncos history, and understandably so. Siemian was almost an afterthought of the Denver Broncos' 2015 NFL Draft class as a 7th-round dart throw out of Northwestern, and he wound up beating out two first-round picks in 2016 training camp -- Mark Sanchez and Paxton Lynch -- for the starting gig.

Now, beating out those two guys doesn't seem like the biggest deal, but the fact that Siemian started for the Denver Broncos at all after the team won Super Bowl 50 the year prior is astounding.

Given the situation he was thrust into, given the act he was following (Peyton Manning), and given his lack of draft status, I think Trevor Siemian deserves a ton of respect. He's been arguably the best quarterback for the Broncos in the post-Peyton Manning era, and if you're asking me, I'm taking Siemian over everyone else at this point, including Teddy Bridgewater.

Who knows how things could have gone if Gary Kubiak didn't have to step down due to health reasons in 2017? Perhaps Siemian would still be playing for the Broncos...

That may be a bit over the top, but you never know. Having the right coach in place can be critical for the development of certain players. Siemian started the majority of two seasons with the Denver Broncos (2016-17) and the Broncos went 13-11 in those games he started. He completed 59.3 percent of his passes and had 30 touchdowns and 24 interceptions.

Siemian wasn't perfect, by any means, but considering the level at which he played early on, I think you can say he's one of the best value draft picks in Denver Broncos history. How many teams are getting that kind of production out of 7th-round quarterbacks?

And Siemian is still floating around the NFL. He signed a free agent deal with the Cincinnati Bengals where he has a really cool connection with Bengals OC Brian Callahan. Callahan was an offensive assistant with the Broncos through the 2015 season, where he undoubtedly worked with Siemian during his rookie year.