Broncos 2024 NFL Draft grades round-up: Was it a good one for Denver?

How did analysts grade the 2024 Denver Broncos Draft class?
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Chris Trapasso - CBS Sports: B+

Trapasso, the lead writer for CBS Sports graded every team's class and every selection. For the Broncos picks, he had the following grades ...

Bo Nix: C-
Jonah Ellis: A-
Troy Franklin: A+
Kris Abrams-Draine: A+
Audric Estimé: A-
Devaughn Vele: B
Nick Gargiulo: B-

An average for the entire class here is B+, and what Trapasso said regarding the Broncos Draft class is the following ...

"The Broncos did admirable work even without a second-round pick, although I don't have as much confidence in Nix as Sean Payton."

Chris Trapasso

"Elliss is a supercharged edge rusher with untapped potential around the corner. Franklin, and particularly Abrams-Draine, have the refined skill sets to be stars as Day 3 selections. Estime has unusual wiggle for being a crazy-wide powerful rusher. This was a class in which the Broncos had to add weapons beyond getting a quarterback, and they did that. Plus, they didn't mortgage the future in landing said quarterback."

Chris Trapasso