Broncos 2023 Schedule: Predicting the Score of Every Remaining Game

Making picks and score predictions for every remaining game on the Broncos schedule

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Week 17: vs. Los Angeles Chargers

The Denver Broncos close out their season with two games against divisional opponents, starting with a home game here against the Los Angeles Chargers. I think the difficulty level of this game is obviously going to depend on the state of both the Chargers and the Broncos. In this scenario, we've got the Broncos riding high at 9-6 and the Chargers -- based on an earlier prediction -- would have at least seven losses.

Let's say the Chargers are 8-7 and the Broncos are 9-6, I think this game would have the potential to get flexed into a Sunday Night Football slot. If the Chargers are 6-9 or worse, I think there is a chance that Brandon Staley could be fired in-season. What would that mean for the Chargers in this particular matchup?

Well, it could mean they get a little late-season momentum push as many teams do when a coach is fired.

If things are status quo for the Chargers, then I think this is a game that could ultimately make or break Staley's future with the team as well.

There are so many different avenues this one could go down. With that being said, I called it before the season that I felt like the Broncos could go 4-2 or better in the division, and in order for that prediction to come true, they've got to win this game.

Prediction: Broncos win 26-23