Black Friday 2023: 3 best contracts on the Denver Broncos roster

Do the Denver Broncos have any Black Friday deals on their roster?

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2. Alex Singleton, ILB, $6 million per year

ILB Alex Singleton re-signed with the Denver Broncos last offseason on a three-year deal worth just $6 million per season. Singleton has been excellent for the Denver Broncos flies all over the field. Singleton ranks 8th in the NFL in total tackles and 10th in solo tackles. The former Canadian Football League standout has also added one fumble recovery and one pass defended this year.

In terms of his contract, his $6 million per year ranks just 21st in the NFL among inside linebackers. I don't necessarily think that he's playing elite football, but he's surely outplaying his contract and is proving to be a very nice addition to the Denver Broncos now and in the future.

3. Courtland Sutton, WR, $15 million per year

This one might be unpopular, but Courtland Sutton has been excellent this year. Now to be fair to Sutton, the Broncos have really shifted to being a run-first team in recent weeks, and QB Russell Wilson is averaging just a hair over 200 yards per game through the air. Sutton is not putting up elite receiving yardage numbers, but he's been the best WR in the NFL in the redzone this year.

The veteran receiver leads all the NFL in receiving yards and touchdown catches in the redzone, which is insane when you consider that tight ends become more involved in the redzone for most teams. Sutton's AAV on his contract is worth $15 million per season, which ranks 19th among all wide receivers.


Sutton is making less than guys like Hunter Renfrow and Mike Williams. Renfrow has been a non-factor for the Las Vegas Raiders this year and Williams simply cannot stay on the field.

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