Bill Belichick and Sean Payton talking Bo Nix is Broncos fan catharsis

Hearing Bill Belichick and Sean Payton talk about the Broncos' new franchise QB is everything
Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos fans have had no shortage of cathartic moments throughout the course of the franchise's history, some big and some small. Although this may be a small moment, it's cathartic, nevertheless. To hear two legendary NFL head coaches chumming about the Denver Broncos' latest first-round pick?

It's must-see TV.

Feast your eyes and ears upon former Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton talking about first-round pick Bo Nix.

Belichick talks about the fact that Bo Nix has played a lot of football and "a lot of good football," at that.

"It looks like he's pretty -- I don't want to say -- nobody's NFL-ready, but I'd say of the college quarterbacks, he's probably pretty close to being NFL-ready...there's a lot to like about this kid -- and he wins. And he wins."

Bill Belichick on Bo Nix

Although a lot of people online like to make fun of the idea of "QB wins" as a statistic, the way you elevate the guys around you and help lead your team to victory, or raise the floor of your team, or how well you do situationally that can determine the outcome of a game -- those things matter to NFL teams. And they certainly matter to Sean Payton and Bill Belichick, two old-school guys.

Payton says in this interview that even if you take away all of the quick passes and screens at Oregon, there's so much to love about Bo Nix in terms of his ability to push the ball downfield. Payton talks about Nix's private workout and pro day, and how they got in the car after the workout and he was simply blown away.

Say what you want about Bo Nix's age and perceived upside, but he can grow in a Sean Payton offense. The Broncos are ready to set him up for success. What makes him NFL-ready? He doesn't take sacks. He's accurate with the football. He makes good decisions. He is a playmaker when he needs to be.

Nix is a much better player than the "NFL train", as Sean Payton calls it, really gives him credit for. He might not be Josh Allen physically. He may not be the magicial Patrick Mahomes is on the run. But this is the type of quarterback Sean Payton can win with.