Biggest takeaways from Denver Broncos Week 1 loss vs. Raiders

- Russell Wilson played well

- Josh Jacobs held under 50 yards rushing

- PS2 vs. Davante Adams

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4. Dumb penalties killed the Broncos ... again

Discipline, something that head coach Sean Payton wants from his players ...

How many laps will Broncos players run tomorrow or the next day of practice around Centura Health Training Center? It all started on the very first play of the game, as the ball was touched by a Bronco before it passed 10 yards during the onside kick try. The Broncos were forced to punt due to flags ... Phillip Dorsett stepped out of bounds before catching the ball, etc. These are mistakes that you cannot have. Kareem Jackson had an awful hit on Jakobi Meyers on a third down and seven, on the last Raiders' drive, and that probably cost the game. The Broncos had 10 penalties for 83 yards.

5. Jacobs, Adams stopped, but not enough:

Stopping and slowing Raiders RB Josh Jacobs was key for the Broncos, as they had him under 50 rushing yards for the first time. He had his lowest yards/carry against the Broncos with 2.5 in his eighth game. All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams was locked down by Broncos All-Pro cornerback Patrick Surtain. Adams had six receptions for 66 yards, but only two catches and 11 yards were against Surtain. Stopping these two was key for Denver, but once again, it showed how bad was the pass rush.

6. Wil Lutz ... no comments on this one ... :

The Broncos traded for former Pro Bowl kicker Wil Lutz ahead of the season and had a rough debut ... He went 1 for 2 in both field goals and extra points. He missed a 55-yard field goal attempt. Four points that the Broncos could have had. Denver lost by one point, yes one. After the game, Lutz said the following ...

7. Week 1 result does not define your season:

Yes, many may be overreacting after Denver's week 1 loss against the Las Vegas Raiders, but it cannot define your season. Safety, and team captain Justin Simmons said the following after the game ...

""It's week 1, no one is throwing in the towel.""

Justin Simmons

It is a long season, and there are a lot of things to improve ...


Next week, the Broncos are back at home against Washington, looking to get their first win of the season ...

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