Biggest mistakes of the Denver Broncos offseason thus far

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The Denver Broncos have been very active this offseason and have made some solid moves, but they have made a few mistakes to this point. No team is going to have a perfect offseason, and that type of thing is truly subjective.

Some in Broncos Country may think that the team has knocked this offseason out of the park thus far. Others might be quite a bit lower than those who think highly of what Denver has done.

I'm an optimist, so I think that what George and Sean Pa(y)ton have done in 2023 has been quite great. They filled two large needs along the offensive line and did a fine job replacing the departed Dre'Mont Jones.

However, they have made some mistakes this offseason.

Biggest mistakes of the Denver Broncos offseason thus far
1. Not trading for Brandin Cooks

The Dallas Cowboys traded for Houston Texans' wide receiver Brandin Cooks for only a 5th and 6th-round pick. They got a quality NFL receiver for pennies, and I'm quite mad that Denver did not make this trade. I do think they need a true and reliable speed threat for the offense, and Cooks, who was drafted by Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis, had an obvious connection to the Broncos.

Denver now and still has a hole in their WR room and KJ Hamler has shown absolutely nothing to indicate that he can be that speed threat that the offense just might need. We'll see what kind of moves that Denver makes to bolster their WR unit, as their top two targets, Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy, have been in the news quite a bit regarding a possible trade.