Biggest mistakes of the Denver Broncos offseason thus far

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Biggest mistakes of the Denver Broncos offseason thus far
3. Signing Jarrett Stidham to be the backup to Russell Wilson

I largely believe that us questioning the moves that Sean Payton and George Paton make is a bad idea, but man, I have no clue what they did here by signing Jarrett Stidham, who is no better than Brett Rypien.

The Broncos did need to get better with their QB spot, and I'm not sure Stidham provides that type of upgrade. What if Russell Wilson needs to miss a couple of games during the season? Could Stidham be trusted to take on Justin Herbert or even Jimmy Garopplo in a division battle?

Frankly, I think there were much better options out there for the backup spot that Denver missed on. Someone like Andy Dalton or Gardner Minshew would have been solid upgrades over Rypien and certainly better options than Stidham for the QB2 spot.

I'm also kind of shocked that Teddy Bridgewater wasn't considered or signed since he did have a nice stretch with the Saints back in 2019. Stidham and QB coach Davis Webb have apparently known each other for a while, so I guess that also had something to do with it, but man, I just don't get this move much at all.

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