Best value draft picks in Denver Broncos history

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Safety. 10. 2497. . Tyrone Braxton. player. . 1987

Tyrone Braxton was drafted all the way in round 12 in the 1987 NFL Draft out of North Dakota State, a school that has become big on football but wasn't nearly as big at that time.

Braxton was never seen as an excellent player, but he worked hard and seemed to always make a play when it was needed. He was that guy. He wasn't flashly and he was often overlooked, but he became a player the team could rely on throughout his career.

Braxton spent the first seven seasons of his career in Denver before playing with the Miami Dolphins for one season. But when Mike Shanahan became the team's new coach he brought Braxton back and that is when his real value was shown.

Braxton made the Pro Bowl in 1996 after tying for the league lead in interceptions. He also helped the team to back-to-back Super Bowl wins, solidifying himself as one of the better defensive players in team history.