Bears QB Justin Fields to the Denver Broncos in 2024?

Should the Broncos explore the possibility of trading for Bears QB Justin Fields if made available?

Denver Broncos
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With the future of the Denver Broncos starting quarterback position remaining in question long-term, there are a handful of options that have surfaced as potentially free agents or trade candidates that general manager George Paton can target in the offseason of 2024. Of those names that have been thrown around are Patriots QB Mac Jones, Vikings QB Kirk Cousins, Titans QB Ryan Tannehill, Commanders QB Jacoby Brissett, and more. However, one name that has drawn far more interest amongst the fanbase that has already internally decided to move on from QB Russell Wilson, is Bears QB Justin Fields.

Fields is currently in his third season of his young career in Chicago and has posted an 8-27 record during that span. While most can agree that Fields has not shown many promising consecutive performances as a passer, it is also fair to say that his supporting cast, coaching staff, and team in general during his first three NFL seasons have not put him in a beneficial position to succeed at all. Bears general manager Ryan Poles' hire of offensive coordinator Luke Getsy in 2022 looks to be like of the worst hires in recent memory. Getsy's schematic approach and utilization of the offense around Justin Fields is similar to trying to fit a square peg in a round hole -- it's just never going to work.

Fields, 24, has completed 61.4% of his passes this season for 1,976 yards, 14 touchdowns, and eight interceptions in 10 games. Most members of the media have already predicted Chicago to move on from the third-year man out of Ohio State in the offseason to draft a new franchise quarterback with the first overall pick, whether that be USC's Caleb Williams, UNC's Drake Maye, or even LSU's Jayden Daniels. If that were to be the case, could Justin Fields become a trade target for the Broncos if they decide to cut Russell Wilson following the post-June 1st designation?

Whether or not Wilson will remain in the future of the Broncos' plans is up for debate. However, what could Fields bring to Denver's offense that they need at the position right now? Fields possesses elite, unheard-of speed, incredible athleticism, and an impressive ability to extend plays -- all of which could arguably be immediate upgrades at the quarterback position for Denver. But as previously mentioned, what are the Broncos looking for out of a starting quarterback that they are not seeing enough of Russell Wilson?

Sean Payton's offense consists of running the football at a significant amount which efficiently sets up the play-action for the quarterback to take occasional deep shots. The middle of the field was often a hot spot for legendary Saints quarterback Drew Brees in Payton's offense and often dictated the high progression of pushing the ball down the field and scoring points in the red zone. As for what the Broncos desperately need out of their future starting quarterback in 2024, is someone who can immediately operate the offense on schedule and not repeatedly live off of extended plays.

Granted, Wilson has made a plethora of impressive throws in 2023 and exceeded many expectations of regression, however, has missed on a lot of opportunities through 14 games. Because of that, bringing in quarterback Justin Fields could be a little worrisome. Wilson's biggest issue is often holding onto the ball much longer than he needs to simply due to the fact that he moves through his progressions too slowly. Like Wilson, Fields has those same exact issues.

While he still is in the stages of development at this point in his career and has been done a disservice by his coaching staff in Chicago, the Broncos are not in the position to bring in a developmental piece like Fields and hope that with proper coaching, he will become a franchise quarterback. Fields has the tools and raw athleticism to be very successful, but it just doesn't make much sense for a playoff contender like the Broncos to bring in a quarterback who needs to be fixed. Sean Payton is already working his best to try to mask and limit the flaws of Wilson amid a playoff push. Why would they do that again in 2024?


The Broncos simply need a quarterback with a high enough IQ of the game that can step in and operate the offense in a timely fashion, but also make smart decisions with the football. Take Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew for example. Minshew's familiarity with head coach Shane Steichen's offensive philosophy and scheme has paid dividends. He has controlled football games very well all season since substituting in as the starter and as a result, the Indianapolis Colts are knocking on the door for a playoff appearance. While he has shown flashes as a passer in this league and is arguably the best-rushing quarterback in football, Fields would not be a great fit in Denver's offense based on what they are trying to accomplish as a playoff contender in 2024.

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