AFC West top 8 quarterbacks ranked worst to best in 2023

- Mahomes easily no. 1

- Russell Wilson entrenched at no. 3?

- Where does Jarrett Stidham land?

Denver Broncos, AFC West
Denver Broncos, AFC West / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes is public enemy number one as far as Denver Broncos fans are concerned. He's not only the best quarterback in the AFC West, he's the best quarterback in the world right now. Mahomes is other-worldly, as a matter of fact. There's nobody quite like him. Coming out of Texas Tech, you could see shades of Brett Favre to his game.

In the NFL, you see shades of Aaron Rodgers, but Mahomes is on another level when it comes to not just improvisation, but creating game-altering plays where other guys might just live to play another down. He's built different, in that regard. And while you might think it would get him into too much trouble at times, it really doesn't.

Mahomes is as sharp as any QB in the NFL. He knows how to manipulate defenses. He is willing to take what they give him. And that's part of what makes him so special. This is a playmaker who lets his playmakers make plays. This is a clutch performer who simply doesn't have a jittery bone in his body.


Mahomes is unreal to watch and it stinks for AFC West teams to have to face him twice a year, three times if you have any aspirations of doing anything in the playoffs.

For the first five years of his NFL career, Patrick Mahomes has already accomplished enough to be a Hall of Fame quarterback. This term often gets thrown around too loosely, but Mahomes is truly a generational talent, once-in-a-lifetime kind of player who has transcended the game.

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