AFC West cornerback trios ranked from worst to best in 2023

- Pat Surtain & co. best in the West?

- Raiders worst in the division?

- Chiefs corners on the rise...

New York Jets v Denver Broncos
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3. Los Angeles Chargers

Asante Samuel Jr., JC Jackson, Michael Davis

The Los Angeles Chargers have a really good trio of cornerbacks heading into the 2023 season, which should give you a great indication of just how strong this division is at the position.

Asante Samuel Jr. might only be the second-most prominent NFL legacy at the cornerback position in the AFC West (behind Denver Broncos superstar Pat Surtain II), but he's been pretty solid in his own right. Certainly not to the level of Pat Surtain II, but especially when playing in zone coverage, Samuel has been a good player. In his first two NFL seasons, he's got four interceptions and 22 passes broken up along with 100 total tackles.

Michael Davis might be the underrated gem of the Chargers' cornerback room considering Asante Samuel Jr. is the biggest name and JC Jackson is really the crown jewel in terms of price tag.

Davis has made a lot of plays on the ball over the last handful of seasons, including 41 passes broken up in his last three campaigns along with five interceptions in that timeframe. He's a big body on the outside and has been a trustworthy player for the Chargers. He was also a one-time Denver Broncos free agent of interest...

JC Jackson suffered an injury last year that limited him to just five games. Prior to coming to the Chargers in free agency, Jackson had picked off 17 passes in his first three NFL seasons as a member of the New England Patriots. He got his hands on the ball a whopping 23 times in 2021 but only managed a pair of passes defensed in his first five games with the Chargers before landing on IR.

I think what the Chargers have here is a few really solid players and one with now a major injury red flag. If this unit reaches its full potential, I think it's better than the average NFL cornerback trio, but probably not going to have any All-Pros.