A Denver Broncos fan's rooting guide for NFL Week 16

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The Denver Broncos sit at 7-7, and the moment of truth has come for the 2023 team. It is time for the Broncos to put up or shut up, and it starts in Week 16. If the Broncos can win out, they have a legitimate shot at reaching the playoffs. However, any help is appreciated in the Mile High city. Here is a rooting guide for the Broncos and their fans in week 16.

Chargers @ Bills

The Bills have overtaken the Broncos as arguably the hottest team in football. They've won two in a row against Super Bowl contenders: first in Kansas City, and then at home against the Cowboys. The Bills face the Chargers this week, the Patriots next, and then, assuming the Dolphins don't clinch before then, are set for a winner-take-all AFC East showdown in week 18 in Miami.

The Bills are two-touchdown favorites in Los Angeles this weekend and should blow out a Chargers team that allowed 63 points last week. However, there is always the threat of the trap game. The Bills now can firmly plant their sights on the AFC East but never sleep on a bad team with a recently fired head coach. The interim head coach bump is one that we've seen in the NFL plenty of times, but it likely won't be enough for the Chargers.

However, the Broncos need the Dolphins to win the AFC East. A Bills loss this week goes a long way in securing that Miami will not be a wild card team. Go Chargers?