8 former Saints who could reunite with Sean Payton on Broncos in 2024

Which former (or current) Saints could end up with the Denver Broncos in 2024?

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3. Taysom Hill, TE

The Saints can save $10 million in 2024 by making Taysom Hill a post-June 1 cut, and with both Sean Payton and Pete Carmichael no longer in New Orleans, you can't help but wonder if the writing will finally be on the wall for Taysom Hill as well.

Hill is obviously the most effective when he's being utilized by the coaches who have proven they can maximize his skills, and I think Payton would love to get his hands on this guy. The Broncos need someone who can help them cash in when they get to the red zone, and Hill can do that both as a runner and receiver.

He's got 38 career touchdowns, including 15 over the past two seasons.

4. Jimmy Graham, TE

The reunion tour for Jimmy Graham actually went surprisingly well for the Saints in 2023 as Graham caught just four passes, but four of them went for touchdowns.

Is it possible we could see Graham bring his red zone expertise to a Broncos tight end position that desperately needs it?